Health Care & Medical Devices Sector

Course Name:Short course in Retail Pharmacy Dispensing
Sector:Health Care & Medical Devices
Industry Association:Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius
Training Institution:Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd
Placement:1. Central Pharmacy 2. Unicare Pharmacy 3. Unichem Pharmacy 4. Biomed Pharmacy 5. Valentina Pharmacy 6. Neocare Pharmacy 7. Calodyne Pharmacy 8. Pharmacy du centre 9. Deforges Pharmacy 10. Love life
Tentative Start Date:2021-03-15
Duration:4 Months
Eligibility:Minimum Form 3
Mode:Full Time
Days Of Training:Block training at start then dual – Mon, Tues, Thurs
Venue:Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd, Pamplemousses Campus
Modules:1. Pharmacy Act and Regulations and Code of Ethics2. Roles and responsibilities3. Dealing with stressful situations4. Code of Ethics and practice5. Types of pharmacy6. Basic Anatomy and Physiology7. Systems Pharmacology8. Main sources of drugs9. Common drugs forms and packaging10. Digital IQ (theory only) 11. Routes of drugs administration12. Rights of drug administration13. Calculating drug dosages14. Phases of drug actions15. Medication of drug errors and Adverse dr

Course Name:Training in Hairdressing, Styling and Grooming
Description:This course provides opportunities for trainees to develop a range of skills, techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for embracing a career in the field of hairstyling and grooming.
Sector:Health Care & Medical Devices
Industry Association:N/A
Training Institution:National Cooperative College
Tentative Start Date:15-June-2022
Duration:5 Months
Eligibility:Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSCAC) or Certificate of Primary Education (CPE)
Mode:Part Time
Days Of Training:2 times per week (on weekdays)
Venue:Bois Marchand, Terre Rouge 2. Maison des Eleveurs – St Pierre
Modules:1. Entrepreneurship (concept of entrepreneurship, legal and regulatory aspect of small enterprise, personality development and communication skills, basic marketing skills, writing a simple business plan, basic costing and budgeting). 2. Fundamental of hairdressing 3. Fundamental of hair care 4. Fundamental of styling & grooming